Sep 26, 2010

The Weekend is for Breakfast


Like so many others, I do love a big, tasty breakfast on the weekend, and taking the time to enjoy it.

This day I felt like a creamy omelet but without the cream.
Instead I made a souffle omelet.  I little workout first thing in the morning whipping up the whites, but it only increased my appetite!

Whip up the whites and yolks seperately.
Slide into the pan

  A sprinkle of cheese and under the grill...

Maybe a little overdone on the bottom.
  Now eat!

Sep 23, 2010

Working hard for a living

Whilst I'm without a day job, I have been putting my time into getting the odd crafty job done.
Here's what I've been up to:

Some needlework to dress up this little cardigan.

Some tasty treats whipped up in the processor - possibly for future sale on Etsy?

A project from the past - soon to be for sale on Etsy

Here are a few other items also for sale soon:

Sep 17, 2010

Etsy action

At last, I've uploaded some pockets on Etsy: 

Sep 14, 2010

more ethical giving

In the hunt for quality gifts to take overseas, I did my research and stuck to Australian, handmade and sustainable purchasing.  My philosophy is, if I am going to partake in a consumer-driven society, then I will do so ethically.
I don't believe in purchasing mass-produced junk for the sake of giving.  There is too much junk in this world, but there are also quality products produced by people with skill, so I endeavour to hunt them out and reward them with my support.

(clockwise from left)

from Oxfam:
Dry rub marinades – Outback spirit – Lemon Myrtle chilli & Mango Native mint (
Outback Pride Australian Native herbs – Dried river mint, Ground Wattleseed & Desert Flakes (South Australian company)

Buderim ginger bears

Screenprinted 50% cotton 50% linen teatowel & recipe from the Hungry Girls Cookbook (local designers)

Teatowel Indigenous design – linen & cotton, eco-friendly water based inks. Made in Australia by Rodriquez, aussie company, purchased at Melbourne Museum

2nd hand Cookbook: The food of Australia – contemporary recipes from Australia’s leading chefs; Periplus Editions 1995

CDs: Tame Impala "Innerspeaker"   &  
Sarah Blasko "As Day Follows Night" 
Paw paw salve (the petroleum-free version) – from any good health food store

Local Melbourne designers:
Ecomorph Designs ( – Brooch

(centre) Mingus – 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton and upcycled leather, hand screenprinted (

Linen, hand-printed teatowel. The image is of a kangaroo with her joey, made up of native flora. This was purchased at Wilkins & Kent, great supporters of local designers & sustainable products.

"Mythscapes" book on Indigenous Art from NGV bookshop

Native hand soaps, from Kirra Galleries at Federation Square

Art glass plate by Rose Burke, from Kirra Galleries 

Tasmanian handcrafted Hoop Pine salad hands, from Wilkins & Kent

'Melbourne Breakfast' Tea from T2

(centre) Melbourne Design Guide