Oct 25, 2009

My Place & Yours...Bedside

On my Bedside table:

Bento box as a jewelry box;
Antique lamp with lampshade (attempted to bead the whole thing, but realised how much wire I'd need);
Brass dish with ceramic brooch (SA designer) & various rings (inherited or stolen from Mum's jewelry box, silver bought in Vietnam & gifts);
Soap box housing a small memory of my Grandmother;
Jennie - Paul Gallico
(a copy of a book my late Aunt gave me when I was a child between - cat lovers);
365 Tao - daily meditations to ponder as I drift off to sleep;
Iggy & Lou Lou pendant a recent BP from my BF;
All on some plain white drawers I got sick of looking at so I drew over it (until I find the right medium to paint melamine).

Bad Karma

I am gob-smacked. Yesterday I went to buy a t-shirt on sale at a certain shop in the degraves street subway, and upon taking it to the counter the male clerk says it's the last one & the didn't want to sell it despite there being 3 more the same in other sizes on the rack and a girls top. Was I not 'art school' enough for him?

Well I could say he actually did me a favor because the t-shirt was quite boring, come to think of it.
I don't buy much anymore, but when I do I make sure it's a local designer or craftsperson to be supportive. I hope if this shop continues to be elitist, they don't last much longer.It's unfortunate for the other artists that sell there.

I'll stick to buying on Etsy and shops that like customers.

The day however quickly turned around with a wander in the spring sunshine visiting Craft Victoria, viewing some exhibitions for the Melbourne International Festival before it ended, stubbling across some more Miso pasters, and a nice afternoon tea at White Rabbit Record Bar in Kensington.

Oct 18, 2009

My Place & Yours...On the Shelf

Cool idea from Meet Me At Mikes! blog
What's on the shelf today?
Georgia P. is sitting on the shelf, minding her P's & Q's.
(sorry for the poor quality of my phone camera)

and I can't help but add, a few lowly stouts and ales for the tasting...