Apr 18, 2011


We have lost a huge part of our world, when this old man decided to be in the road at the wrong time, once too many, and was hit by a car.
Carlsberg was a little over 15 years old, but still full of life.  Cars constantly race down our otherwise small and quiet street, each time cause a pain in my stomach. 

Carl was my compadre, my muse, my fuzzy hot water bottle, my partner in crime, my supervisor, my comfort.

There was and never will be a cat like him. Even though I am not buddhist, I believe there was a wise and compassionate old man behind those eyes.

Apr 10, 2011

more food

Well, the market wasn't very fruitful, not many stalls and a small amount of traffic.  But at least it was helpful to have the first stall over and done with, the hows and whys answered, the list of what can be done next time, and of course the first-timers nerves.

Here's what has been happening in the kitchen anyway :

heirloom vegies, purple carrots and white beetroot!

squid fettuccine - sustainable seafood feast!

Monsieur Noir's birthday chocolate cake!