Dec 10, 2010

New Projects

I'm terrible, I have too many ideas and I just want to try them out. As a consequence I have many projects strewn about the house. Here's what's happening at the mo'.

Christmas Pudding & Fruit mince ready for homemade mince pies!

Photographing clothes on my new mannequin ready for Yesfia's House on Etsy.

Tapestry for the summer.

Trying my hand at making a doll from scratch.


Bought a dress pattern from a fellow Etsy-an to make - should take 2 hours they reckon.

Finally using the organic hand-dyed wool I bought ages ok, on Etsy of course.

Another lady-in-progress.

 This painting may never end.

Air-dry plaster sculpture - in progress...

Experimenting with painting glass and crockery.

And lastly, the garden grows (in the stormy evening light). Now including hardy basil, marigolds, slow bursting coriander seeds, chilli, and a bay tree to keep the lime tree company.

Dec 8, 2010


I finally did it, get my work into a group exhibition! BSG small works opens Friday the 10th (Brunswick Street Gallery).
Ok, ok, so they accept all submissions, but I'm kinda thrilled that my dolls will be on public display.   I didn't submit my favourites, I'm saving those for my an individual show I hope sometime near in the future.

Nov 22, 2010

Mix 'n' Match Cookies

Tasty Shortbread Cookies with a Lemon Icing - Series 1

Nov 17, 2010

Getting Around

Somedays I could just flick through the pages of Etsy, seeing all the wondering things people are creating and selling around the world.
This week I made up two Treasury lists.
One was all about the Cookie, some amazing cookie designs and decorations that are just too good to eat!  It's Cookie Madness!

The second list was all Local sellers from Melbourne, and some fantastic items for sale that would make great gifts.  Think Global, Shop Local!

Nov 11, 2010

Birthday Presents for the indescive

A few years ago I was a little short on cash, so I came up with a voucher type system for my partner to use when the strings were a little looser.  I thought of all the things I could get them for their birthday and let them decide.

Todays date

Dear recipient

On this your xth year on planet Earth, we congratulate you and hereby release the following list of entitlements issued to you for use at your discretion.   These entitlements have been granted to you on receipt of your xth birthday and not for any other purpose.

To use any entitlement you must first submit an application for a permit to the relevant local authority. An application for funding from local government must also be approved. 

Conditions of permit for entitlement:
  • Entitlements are to be met in the proceeding calendar year, commencing at 6am on the actual date of Friday ddmmyyyy.  The conditions are valid until 12am of the same date the following year.
  • No extensions will be granted except for where inclement weather or insufficient funds applies. You will be notified of these occurrences.
  • A separate permit must be sought for each entitlement.
  • A submission fee on 1 hug applies to each lodgement.
  • Once approval has been issued you have 7 days to claim your entitlement. 
  • You must issue your right to these entitlements either at the time that they may occur, or issue a declaration to use the entitlement with sufficient warning. 
  • All entitlements are subject to change by the relevant local authority. You must contact council directly for any amendments.
  • Entitlements are valid only to the person to whom this letter is addressed.
  • Should any entitlements not be taken, they will be forfeited, and there will be no refund applicable. 
  • There are no concessions, or exchanges applicable.
  • Amendments to an entitlement permit may be sought prior to the time the entitlement is being granted.

You may select a total of 3 entitlements only from the following:

  1. 1 bike water bottle and holder.
  2. 1 cake (whole) from that shop on Brunswick st, Fitzroy, or equivalent (excluding Brunetti’s)
  3. 1 meal (lunch or dinner) at your choice of restaurant on Victoria St, Richmond)
  4. 1 Danish pastry from Degani Bakery, Clifton Hill or Sugardough, East Brunswick
  5. 1 calamari meal at the Town Hall pub, North Melbourne
  6. 1 pint real English ale from a pub not yet visited
  7. 1 robot (any size) from Neo-Tokyo (or equivalent)
  8. 1 record/cd from Heartland, North Melbourne
  9. 1 record from Rocking Horse, Brisbane CBD
  10. 1 comic book/graphic novel from Minotaur, Melbourne CBD
  11. 1 figure from Forbidden Planet online
  12. 1 book from Readings (or equivalent)
  13. 1 meal taken from Sarah’s Tried & Tested cookbook
  14. 1 home baked item of your choice (cake, cookie or slice)
  15. A selection of meats from Queen Victoria market
  16. A selection of cheeses from Queen Victoria Market or relevant cheese proprietor
  17. A set of drawing pens from Deans Art
  18. 1 trip to Villi’s cafe, Adelaide
  19. 1 photo, enlarged & professionally framed
  20. 1 concert t-shirt
  21. 1 danish hot chocolate
  22. 1 dvd from chosen site online, or if not successful, ABC shop
  23. 1 music or art magazine from Mag Nation, or equivalent
  24. 1 website design
  25. 1 pet axolotyl with tank
  26. 1 trip to Mornington Peninsula including stops at the Danish Bakery (Frankston); the Danish hotdog stall in Sorrento, any winery (including tastings) or any cheese store passed.
  27. 1 back scrub
  28. 1 trip to a national park or precinct, all expenses paid (including travel and meal allowance)
  29. 1 Mighty Boosh series 3 action DVD (subject to release date)
  30. 30 text messages or emails typed up by your dictation
  31. 1 breakfast at a location previously unvisited
  32. 1 dinner at SOS (sustainable seafood restaurant)
  33. 1 picnic in a park of choice
  34. 1 movie ticket (applicable at Nova Carlton or Palace Westgarth)
  35. 10 Bass guitar lessons
  36. 1 weekend sans washing
  37. 1 bike ride to your choice of destination
  38. 1 bottle of Danish export Akvavit
  39. 1 tie pin & 1 handkerchief
  40. 1 home made shirt
  41. 1 strap or chain for the neck
  42. 1 pocket watch
  43. 1 hair cut or face shave at barber of choice
  44. 1 dictionary or thesaurus, new
  45. 1 computer game, new
Signed and declared on behalf of the relevant local authority


Nov 1, 2010


I've just completed a paper cutting from one of my line drawings.  I think it turned out pretty well.  I've listed it on Etsy.

There are some great cut-outs on etsy, see here.

Oct 26, 2010

I made this

Could this be a basis for a new business, making architectural cakes? 
I'm not really sure there is a market for it, but there is certainly enjoyment.

This gingerbread house is a replica of a traditional long house in the old town, Hanoi, Vietnam.  
The house, it's simplicity, form & function really took my eye, and I thought an edible tribute was fitting.  More photos available here...





Today my cards arrived and I'm pretty impressed with the printing with veg dyes on recycled card from Print Together

Oct 24, 2010

posting heaps on etsy

Oct 19, 2010


A new favourite word - Bolero!  I found this little red number, in great condition, at a secondhand store. It needed a little embellishing I thought, so added this embroidered design.

I will be listing this for sale on Etsy shortly.

Sep 26, 2010

The Weekend is for Breakfast


Like so many others, I do love a big, tasty breakfast on the weekend, and taking the time to enjoy it.

This day I felt like a creamy omelet but without the cream.
Instead I made a souffle omelet.  I little workout first thing in the morning whipping up the whites, but it only increased my appetite!

Whip up the whites and yolks seperately.
Slide into the pan

  A sprinkle of cheese and under the grill...

Maybe a little overdone on the bottom.
  Now eat!

Sep 23, 2010

Working hard for a living

Whilst I'm without a day job, I have been putting my time into getting the odd crafty job done.
Here's what I've been up to:

Some needlework to dress up this little cardigan.

Some tasty treats whipped up in the processor - possibly for future sale on Etsy?

A project from the past - soon to be for sale on Etsy

Here are a few other items also for sale soon: