Oct 25, 2009

My Place & Yours...Bedside

On my Bedside table:

Bento box as a jewelry box;
Antique lamp with lampshade (attempted to bead the whole thing, but realised how much wire I'd need);
Brass dish with ceramic brooch (SA designer) & various rings (inherited or stolen from Mum's jewelry box, silver bought in Vietnam & gifts);
Soap box housing a small memory of my Grandmother;
Jennie - Paul Gallico
(a copy of a book my late Aunt gave me when I was a child between - cat lovers);
365 Tao - daily meditations to ponder as I drift off to sleep;
Iggy & Lou Lou pendant a recent BP from my BF;
All on some plain white drawers I got sick of looking at so I drew over it (until I find the right medium to paint melamine).

1 comment:

  1. Iggy and Loulou are ace. They gave us a WHOLE LOT of stuff to distribute to those who lost their homes in the fires this year. Gorgeous pendants and brooches : new treasures for people who had lost theirs. So you should love them even more now, I think!

    I love your sweet little bedside! I'm so pleased that you shared! xx