Apr 4, 2010

dinner 27-04

All organic, local, seasonal ingredients used when available

  Fish cakes with Plum sauce -
        Wild Barramundi (normally only farmed Barra is found so glad the meal is kept sustainable)
        Plum sauce from 'Barmera home supplies'

  Prawn and Avocado on Corn cakes -
        Small aussie prawns at a bargain $10 a kilo
        Avocado, sour cream, parsley and chilli sauce
        Corn cakes made with coarse polenta and fresh corn

  Sourdough olive loaf
  Green salad -
        Baby spinach, rocket and parsley
        Fried capers and bread chunks
        Olive tapenade, Balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil dressing
  Sicilian Pasta -
        Bucatini pasta
        Fennel, canned tomato, red wine, raisins and sultanas, parsley sauce
        Aussie Parmesan

  Upside down sticky peach cake care of Monsieur Black
  Creamy Meredith Brie,  Goats cheese Blue and a tasmanian "bush dust" cheddar with garlic rub pita

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