Jun 23, 2009

Meet Me at Mike's - top 5 cookbooks

Recently Meet me at Mikes hosted a talk about favourite cookbooks. what a great topic of discussion!

I've got some a little different to all the Celebrity Chef books:
1. Koto, A Culinary Journey Through Vietnam - Tracey Lister & Andreas Pohl. after a trip to Vietnam and the restaurant namesake of this book, each morsel is savoured.
2. NMAA (Nursing Mother's Association of Australia) Cooks (recipes for busy mothers) & NMAA Cooks Again- bibles in the 80's for country women. I always used my Mum's but now have my Gran's copy.
3. Japanese cooking, Peter & Joan Martin - some friends picked this up in an opshop, probably payed 50c, coloured in some pictures and wrapped it up for my birthday. It's got the most tender chicken teryaki, brilliant sushi rice, etc.
4. Far Eastern Cookbook, Charmaine Solomon - all your asian staples - Gado Gado, dahl, curry's, samosa. all laden with plenty of spice
5.Gyldendals Kogebog - My friends in Denmark gave this to me as a farewell. THe recipes are all in Danish with danish meaures. Trying to remember my danish language while cooking makes for some pretty interesting results! also has all the essential danish pastry recipes.

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