Jul 4, 2009

Country Style Cookery

Whilst perusing the main street of a country town for a bakery, I come across a charity store.

In the hope of finding treasure I detour into the shop, only to find a Clay pot. It's a nice size but has no lid. Conveniently next to it on the shelf are rogue casserole dish lids with no partners. One (just about) fits the lip of the clay pot, enough to get secure coverage. A pair!

Good luck, as I almost bought one from the Asian grocer - new, fresh, imported from China. Why bother when here was one already broken in that needed a home. I reduce my 'carbon footprint'.

To date there have only been 2 dishes, but more await.

Easy, tasty & wholesome.

Viet style Eggplant
Put the claypot on the heat, warm up some vegetable or rice bran oil. Warm up the oven to medium.
Saute some Garlic )2 cloves chopped( . and onion )1 small chopped( if you like.

Add in Lebanese Eggplants )~6 halved(, saute a little.
Add lemongrass )1/2 stem bruised( & Mushrooms if desired )6-8 button or shitake(.fry a little.
Sprinkle with fish sauce )1 tbsp(, sesame oil )2 tsp(, and a can of tomatoes )1/2 can whole(
Place the lid on an into the oven for 20-40 mins.
m m mmmm

Vegies thrown in
Warm up claypot with some oil - olive or rice bran, 1tbsp or more...
saute sliced garlic, throw in some cauliflower florets, julienne carrot. fry a minute or so.
add other vegies - green capsicum, mushroom, choy sum is what i used.
throw over a little red wine, tomato paste )1tbsp( & harrisa )1tsp or more(.
throw on the lid, throw in the oven or leave on the heat for 10-25mins. when serving add a squeeze of lemon or some chopped parsley

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