Jul 18, 2009

Film Frenzy Mania

It's here again! the time I delve eyes-first into the MIFF program, and sort out the 'chosen ones' from the 'will it ever come out on DVD if I miss it now?' festival favourites (as we have experienced missing films never to be found again).

In previous years I have sent out a list of choices to fellows who may not be so keen to read all the fine print in the large catalogue, or not get past the first 2 pages before the festival is over.
People out of town may just keep their eye out for any films coming to your local arthouse cinema or cult section at the movie store...

So here goes! The bold sessions we have already booked if you wish to join us. Other films now on DVD by directors are noted, and are worth seeing.

Our top 10:

'I Need That Record!' - Doco about Indie Record Stores/Music Freaks. Thurston Moore rock-god
4.45 thu.30/7 ; 9.15 wed.5/8

'Coraline' in 3D - anticipated animated fairytale (see Nightmare Before Christmas) in 3D! This is going to be brilliant.
1pm Sun.26/7; 1pm Sat.1/8

Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO3n67BQvh0

‘Thirst’ – South Korean vampyre thriller by Park Chan-wook ( Old Boy/Sympathy for Lady Vengence)
9.15pm Sat.25/7; 9.15 Sat.8/8

‘Black Dynamite’ – Homage to Black Sploitation films of the 70’s
11.30pm Sat.25/7; 7pm Thu.6/8

‘$9.99’ – Australian Claymation
12.15pm Sat.8/8

‘Antichrist’ – he’s back! Lars Von Trier (not the antichrist!) Controversial… Graphic sex & genital mutilation with William Dafoe & Charlotte Gainsbourg
9.30 Wed.5/8; 10.45pm Sat. 8/8

‘Awaydays’ – UK drama about 70s post-punk England football louts, with good soundtrack
7pm Wed.29/7; 9.15 Sun.2/8

Treeless Mountain’ – South Korean Drama by Kim So-yong
4.45 Sun.26/7; 9.15 Thu.30/7

Mother’ – South Korean Psycho Thriller by Bong Joon-ho (The Host)
7pm Mon.3/8; 7pm Sun.9/8

‘Post-Punk Mixtape #2’ – shorts on Melbourne post-punk & the Boys Next Door
7pm Thu.30/7

Other films noted – go to the program http://www.melbournefilmfestival.com.au/program & choose film By Title

Aussie film:
John Gollings: Eye for architecture - Architectural Photographer
My Asian Heart -Doco on Photojournalist Philip Blenkinsop
Dogs in Space (1986) – if you haven’t seen this classic aussie film, check it out
We’re Livin’ on Dog Food – Doco about Dogs in Space
Going Down (1982) –cult aussie post-punk flick

In the Loop - UK Satire on Iraq war-
About Elly - Iranian film about middle-class
Humpday - US indie flick – sundance prize
Che Part I: The Argentine -Benicio Del Toro as Che
Che Part II: Guerilla
An Englishman in New York - John Hurt plays Quentin Crisp
Moon – sci-fi directed by David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones
Inglourious Bastards – Quentin Tarantino’s latest, sold out.
The Draughtman’s Contract (1982) – Peter Greenaway’s classic
My Suicide – teenager tracks his experiences and possible suicide on film
Home Movie – Horror about kids gone wrong
Eden Log – French fantasy/sci-fi filmed in a sewer
Sauna – Finnish period horror
Mum&Dad – UK horror
Kill Daddy Goodnight – German thriller
Red Riding: 1974, 1980 & 1983 – Trilogy about the Yorkshire Ripper murders
White Lightnin’ – UK fiction. Not sure what to say about this one.
Katalin Varga – noir set in the Carpathian mountains

Balkan Cinema:
Zift – B&W noir set in 60’s Bulgarian underworld
Tears for Sale – Black comedy burlesque

12 Lotus – Royston Tan does Singapore musical
Perfect Life – Fiction&Doco on 2 women in china
Members of the Funeral – South Korean dark humour
Like You Know it all – South Korean director takes a humorous look at film festivals
On Bak 2: The beginning – Thai Martial arts period film (haven’t seen the first yet, but heard its good)
A Schoolgirl’s Diary – North Korean drama

Kid’s flicks:
Brendan & the Book of Kells – delightful hand-drawn animation
The King & the Bird – Classic 80’s French animation with labyrinthine architecture

Food, Inc – the origin of the food we buy at supermarkets
Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal – hooker to the stars
The September Issue – about Anna Wintour, Muse for Devil Wears Prada
Maradona By Kusturica – All about Diego Maradona
Examined Life – Philosophical discussion about how we live
The 10 Conditions of Love – about Rebiya Kadeer struggle against Chinese government
Yakuza Eiga – about Japanese directors and the romanticizing of the Yakuza
Blank City – No Wave cinema in the late 70’s to early 80’s (no longer screening)

Arty doco type stuff:
Van Gogh: Brush With Genius – the paintings at IMAX
A Journey with Peter Sellars – we had a tutorial with this guy at uni, very inspirational
Rem Koolhous: A Kind of Architect – had to put this down, didn’t I?
Shadow Play: The Making of Anton Corbijn – brilliant photographer doing his first feature film ‘Control’
Visual Acoustics: the Modernism of Julius Shulman - Architectural photographer to the masters
The Art of Failure: Chuck Connelly Not For Sale – the artist that crashed & burned and tries to get back in favour

Draw me a story – animated sketchy shorts
The Sky Crawlers – 3d Anime by Ghost In The Shell director

Music Doc’s
All Tomorrow’s Parties – about the beginnings of the musician-curated festival
It Might Get Loud – Jack White, the Edge & Jimmy Page jammin’
The Liberty of Norton Folgate – Madness’ new album & concerts
Post-Punk Mixtape #1 – Post-punk Shorts

And when I have finished reading the whole program, I may add some more… stay tuned…

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