Jul 20, 2011

Melbourne International Film Festival 2011 - MIFF ready

Films I'll be seeing or looking out for this year and or hopefully they will be in the cinemas soon.

Submarine - Richard Ayoade's (IT Crowd/Garth Marengis dark place) debut, offbeat coming-of-age tale

You are Here - mind f**k

Jane Eyre - A stunning version with Dame Judy Dench

MAGIC TRIP: KEN KESEY'S SEARCH FOR A KOOL PLACE - LSD, Bus, Road trip, camera, film is finished 47 years later

MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE  - a girl flees a compound with the deranged cult leader on the hunt

Melancholia - Lars Von Trier's latest, Kirsten Dunst won best actress for in Cannes

Neds - Teens in 1970s Glasgow from The Magdalene Sisters' writer-director

The Future - Miranda July, 2 30-somethings avoid responsibility and decide to change by preparing to adopt a cat

The Mill and The Cross - Bringing to life The Procession to Calvary by Brueghel, 1564

The Turin Horse - 19th century Nietzsche, and a horses life

Tiny Furniture - Manhatten hipsters soul-searching, Woody Allen style

Tyrannosaur - Angry man gets turned around, from Paddy Considine

Little Rock - Young japanese on road trip in america - indie film

13 Assassins -  Takashi Miike remakes a classic Akira Kurosawa

Bi, Don't Be Afraid - a 6 yr old boy in urban Hanoi

End Of Animal - South Korean thriller

Journals of Musan - a north korean lost in south korean life

Norwegian Wood - Love story in Japan in 1960s from Tran Anh Hung

Outrage - Takashi Kitano on the Yakuza

Winter Vacation - Comedy in winter in rural China

Shut Up Little Man - An Audio Misadventure -  Some guys taped their argueing neighbours - one a extrovert gay, one a complete homophobe

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within - Brazilian gun thriller - will have to find the first of the series

Polisse - Juvenile Protection Unit in Paris

Viva Riva! - Crime action in the Congo

Being Elmo - the giant behind the muppet

Cave of Forgotton Dreams - Werner Herzog takes a camera to film a 32,000-year-old artwork in 3D

El Bulli: Cooking in Progress - about the famous spanish restaurant only open for 5 months of the year

Page One: Inside the New York Times - should come to general release

The Bengali Detective - modern times and crime fought by a private detective

Think Global, Act Rural - following on from Food Inc, shows the implications of mass agriculture

MIFF's 60th Retrospective is showing:
Barking Dogs Never Bite - South Korea
The Beauty and The Beast - 1952, Jean Cocteau, France
Gummo - USA
The Apple - Iran
The King of Comedy - Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese

Life In A Day - 80,000 clips from people on a single day posted on you tube

Fleurs Du Mal - Political love story set around social media

I Wish I Knew - Doco on Shanghai and interviews with people about the history and their own personal stories

Pool Party - A disused pool is used as a hang-out in the 80s, then redeveloped into a venue in the 00's

Triangle Wars - about the proposed development in st kilda

Clay - a 1965 film about an artist and a stranger, set in Monsalvat in Melbourne

Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard - Sadly sold out straight away. Can't wait to see a doco about this great melbourne musician

The Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye - Throbbing Gristle front man and his dominatrix missus get sugery to look like each other...

Prime Time: tv series on film
Dreileben - Beats Being Dead - 1st of 3 german films set around an escaped criminal in a small town

The Slap - series from an award winning novel, about australian families

This is England '86 - The same characters as the first film, 3 years on

Next Gen (for the younger peeps)
Falling for Sahara - 3 young african refugees fancy the same girl (set in flemington estate)

Under the Hawthorn Tree - youth in the chinese cultural revolution

The Ugly Duckling - clay-mation that took a 69-yr-old legendary russian animator to create

Nightshift (late night film)
Super - Troma man James  Gunn brings a crime-fighting story with Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon and Ellen Page

The Woman - A family decide to "adopt" a feral woman

Troll Hunter - Norwegian mockumentary about keeping Trolls at bay

Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City - Takashi Miike brings us a superhero. Again, have to find the first one

Kill List - drama to thriller, 2 friends return to being hitmen

Short Film - includes a killer line-up as always.
I will miss the Misfits session which has some great sounding films, but always try to see the Animation Shorts.
The O Canada! selection includes the lates film from Spike Jonze with Arcade Fire - Scenes From the Suburbs

Happy Viewing!!!

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