Sep 18, 2011

What been occuring lately...

I've been finishing off various projects, unfortunetly forgot to take photos before posting some of them, but I may get some after shots.

There's been some tapestry...  too late to enter the small tapetstry award from  ATW this year

Some 'photo-shopping' for a colouring book for a 5 yr old friend...
Some knitting...

This one should be up for sale on Yesfia's House soon

Some baking with Mars Bars...  it's been a year and the year's supply hasn't run out
mars bar slice
mars bar mud cake

Some building a box... to house my lovely Georg Jensen cutlery (designer Arne Jacobsen)

Some signage... although technically I made this a while ago, I fixed it up and added to it for Blackbird Markets and the upcoming North Melbourne Market

Some cutting...  these too will be on the shop soon, next to other Ripped T's

A little bit of stitching...

And, of course, some cooking - strawberry icecream to kick of spring!

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